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Taylor's Special Soap

Taylor's Special Soap

5 stars out of 5 (Rating: 5)

Taylor's Special Soap was made for a sweet girl named Taylor and has helped many more people too! Please read the full description to learn more.


Taylor's Special Soap was made for a sweet girl named Taylor. For those of you who know what "ichthyosis" is, you understand the horrible itching, flaking, red scaly skin trouble that this is like. If you have ever seen psoriasis or eczema, ichthyosis is that plus more. This soap contains the skin healing jojoba oil, along with a blend of olive, castor, silk protein, honey and soy. The essential oils used are the ones that thru the years people have found much success with in helping skin conditions such as this. Cedarwood, lavender, lemon, bergamot & patchouli. Although we cannot make any claims, this soap speaks for itself when you see the smiling face of Taylor and all the other customers that have had success just from using this soap.

Saturday, 28 April 2012 Rating: 5
I have had psorasis for 37 years. I have tried everything out there and Taylors Special soap is wonderful! It relieved the horrible itching and actual reduced the swelling and redness. I am a BIG fan of this product.
Kathleen Anderson
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